9 Dec 2017 - Unfortionatly due to the weather I have had to cancel todays re-sit session 

7 Dec 2017 - I am still getting a lot of enquiries to resolve, I will get to your enqiry as soon as possible

15 Nov 2017 – Due to the high number of enquiries this year I am still in the process of responding to all. I will hopefully get to everyone within 7 days. Thank you

2 Nov 2017 - Apologies for the outage on the site of Victoria Rd School last night untill this morning. I crashed the system trying to edit a customers order! All working now

1 Nov 2017 - Ammendment to Resit times

18 Oct 2017 - This year there will be a number of additional re-sit & order help sessions posted to this site under the Re-sit & Help tab of this website

11 Oct 2017 - Please be sure to pay as a guest if you do not want to create a paypal account.... it has come to my attention that this may be very difficult if you are a windows 10 user who does not want a Paypal account. I am attempting to find a workaround

10 Oct 2017 - I Presently have around 70 emails needing a responce; I will try and reply to all over the next few days