Last Christmas Postal Orders from this site Deadline 10 December 2019


Once you reach the "Basket" it is IMPORTANT that you check and/or amend the crop position marked in RED of EVERY image before you pay for your order.

The print size/s selected mean that a certain variation to the amount of cropping will take place and the default selected position may not be desired!

If you are intending to use a frame or mount, allow enough space around the subject as the outer parts of an image will be obscured

This is a one of the many new options giving you more choice and personal preference than ever before....... but also requiring some extra input from yourself

As per demand, payment can now also be made securely online with Credit/Debit Cards via PAYPAL - If you follow the payment to near the very end, Paypal gives you the option to pay via credit/debit card. When it looks like the only option is to pay via Paypal, keep going, it then allows you to pay via your card as a guest - Please be sure to pay as a guest if you do not want to create a paypal account.... it has come to my attention that this may be very difficult if you are a windows 10 user who does not want a Paypal account. I am attempting to find a workaround

All initial orders placed before the deadline will be shipped free of charge to school. After this date for a limited time only orders will be sent directly to your home but will incur a postage and packing charge

I have worked hard to improve the service and capture the emotion & character within my photography. Please enjoy your pictures and I hope they become greatly treasured over time

If you are ordering digital downloads it is best to use the same email address for payment and ordering


Thank you