Prices - Orders successfully placed before the deadline will be at a much lower price than after the deadline. This now means photos will remain available for a longer time period before final archiving and deletion

SCHOOL PHOTO ACCESS CODES WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FROM SCHOOL/NURSERY - unless you have logged on using the access code and having it registered to your account.  

I am not able to send un-registered codes to you directly

Once successful payment has cleared you will receive an Invoice number - if you do not receive one, the order will remain pending, then deleted at the deadline

Nothing will go into production until payment has "SUCCESSFULLY CLEARED" at which point you will be sent an INVOICE NUMBER

Access Code - Every Cange of person/combination will now require a new Access Code per sitting


Class Photos are only available as 10x8 inch prints or where applicable panoramic prints only - Digital downloads of class photos are not available.
Class prints do not need cropping as below


Once you reach the "Basket" it is IMPORTANT that you check and/or amend the crop position marked in RED of EVERY image BEFORE you pay for your order. Once payment has been made orders can not be ammended or stopped.

The print size/s selected mean that a certain variation to the amount of cropping will take place and the default selected central position may not be desired!

If you are intending to use a frame or mount, please allow enough space around the subject as the outer parts of an image will be obscured

Please use the largest device possible and explore the options and menus before attempting to contact me, unfortunately I receive too many email requests to be able to respond in a timely manner


Vending Machine Effect - Once an order has been successfully placed it drops into a fully automated system that I am unable to amend, edit or cancel. Please ensure you have carefully made all selections and crops before ordering and paying

Ordering - This, if successful will generate an Invoice number & an order number. If you do not receive one of these then please check your bank to see if payment has been taken, if it has not, you probably have not successfully finished the final payment stage and any pending orders will automatically be removed from your basket when the deadline is passed.

Minimum orders  - Only applies if you are claiming the discount voucher or money off coupon - There is no minimum amount for normal orders 

Contact - Please do this via email - if you are querying an order please include the Invoice number


Problems completing PayPal payments - most problems occur when using mobile phones. Where possible try using a larger devices or even a different network (some business networks have firewalls that can prevent completion) if you are not receiving your six digit confirmation code for the final payment it is more likely than not going to be your SMS service provider. Once they have been notified these things tend to fix themselves after a day or so

Double Payments - a few people have noticed what initially appears to be a double payment being taken for a single order. This appears to be a PayPal issue - especially when using mobile devices. Inevitably you will find at a later time/date the transactions either resolve themselves or are both removed from the account leaving no sign of the/any transaction/s. If you notice a double payment this could be a warning sign that your pending order has not been successfully placed and is awaiting the payment to be cleared before the automated go-ahead is given. The system will only send you an invoice number once payment has cleared - if you have no invoice number then the order is still awaiting cleared funds and completion.   Unpaid orders are automatically removed from GotPhoto site once the free post/discount deadline has passed

As per demand, payment can now also be made securely online with Credit/Debit Cards via the PAYPAL system. You do not need a PayPal account - If you follow the payment to near the very end, Paypal gives you the option to pay via credit/debit card. When it looks like the only option is to pay via Paypal, keep going, it then allows you to pay via your card as a guestPlease be sure to pay as a guest if you do not want to create a paypal account.... it has come to my attention that this may be difficult if you are a windows 10 user who does not want a Paypal account. 


Free post to School - this will be sent for production on the batch/coupon deadline date. This is automated to be sent at midnight on that date and normally takes 10-14 days after this date for orders to arrive at school

Batch & Coupon Deadline Date - The coupon deadline is the last date you can apply the discount if you are spending over the minimum qualification amount - there are no minimum amounts for normal purchases

All initial orders placed before the deadline can be shipped free of charge to school. After this date for a limited time only orders will be sent directly to your home but will incur a postage and packing charge

Direct Postage - you may opt to pay for direct postage at any point even before the freepost to school deadline - orders are normally despatched from the UK Pro Lab within three working days. - Please also allow for IOM Post & Ferry

Digital Downloads - Unfortunately once a digital download has been downloaded it becomes non-refundable. If you are ordering digital downloads it is best to use the same email address for payment and ordering. The link remains active for around 4 to 6 weeks only. The "download all" section refers to only the images within a specific single access code

Class Photos are only available as 10x8 inch prints or where applicable panoramic prints only - Digital downloads of class photos are not available.
Class prints do not need cropping


I have worked hard to improve the service and capture the emotion & character within my photography. Please enjoy your pictures and I hope they become greatly treasured over time

Thank you